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Whither Thou Thinkest . . . Finding Topics for Thought Leadership Content

Marketers grapple with finding topics for their thought leadership content, especially once they get the first couple (the easy ones such as Best Practices ) under their belts. I thought I’d share my approach. My clients come to me with a subject … Continue reading

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A Few Research Tips

Some quick and basic tips to make research easier and more successful. Naturally, search first for the product category–like “Enterprise Content Management.” That will get you to the Wikipedias and other general information sites. For a deeper, more detailed, dive … Continue reading

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Look It Up

Long long ago, I was preparing for my English Master’s exams. I was to be tested on every major era of English/American literature (Renaissance, Romantics and so on). I had a problem: I had never studied the Victorians (and one … Continue reading

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