B2B Messages: Just the Facts Ma’am

What are your areas of expertise? Z Scale railroads? Cooking? Sailing? Carpentry? Telescopes? Big Bands?

Whatever it is, put it in the front of your mind for a moment to answer a question.

Within your areas of expertise, what marketing messages do you respond to?

I know the answer for me. I respond to nuts and bolts. All the hype and superlatives and flash go unnoticed by me–unless they annoy me.  For me, an area of expertise is the guitar. I’m a mediocre player, and I’ve been a mediocre player for 40 years. I know about the benefits of a guitar.

So when I go to read about or buy a new guitar, I bypass all the information meant for amateurs–stunning highs, large sound, low action, beautiful rosettes.  I want to know about construction, materials, components.

B2B markets are made up of experts–just like you and me.  They don’t listen to the messages meant for the non-initiated. And, in B2B, there are very few amateurs, very few people who don’t already know about their products and markets.  And just like me, when they read messages they want the facts, the details, the data–not the benefits.