The Value of Copywriters

The value we bring as professional copywriters isn’t that we write well. A lot of people write well. Many of the Marketing executives I deal with came up through the copywriting ranks. I’m very good. Some of them are very good.

The value we bring is not about writing. The value we bring is:

  1. We learn the topic/product on our own.
  2. We listen well, take notes, understand the key points.
  3. We don’t need a lot of handholding, asking question after question–we know how to research
  4. We understand the market/audience–we know how to talk to experts.
  5. We make smart decisions on our own–we know how to solve issues of structure and theme without help.
  6. We hit our deadlines. Every time.
  7. We write drafts that don’t need a lot of revisions–we get it right the first time.

Once we get all that down, the writing is the easy part.


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